it is the distance that makes life a little hard. two minds that once were close are now so many miles apart. i will not falter, though, i'll hold on till you're home, safely back where you belong and see how our love has grown

okay. i don't know what just happened. but my heart just started beating faster and i could feel the tears running down my face. what happened? to be honest i think i'm afraid. i think i'm afraid that things will change and no longer be as they used to. i think i'm afraid that one day i'll not be good enough for you anymore and you'll find someone better, someone you can be close to whenever you want to.
and i think i'm afraid that we're too different, that we don't want the same things in life,
that i'll be too boring for you and therefore be your second choise.

i don't even know why i'm afraid. and i definitely don't know why i'm thinking about this. i guess i'm just insecure. and i guess it depends on the distance, that i can't see your face, or hear your voice.
i'm afraid and insecure, but i do know i love you. and that i'll fight for us.


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