thank god i found the "good" in goodbye

beyoncé - best thing i never had

no one knows that my head is a mess

the fray - how to save a life

it's friday and i'm in love,

with this song. and my absolutely amazing boyfriend too ofc, but you already know that.

i can't think of anything but you

civalias - anything but you ♫

sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead

adele - someone like you ♫

this is not the time or the place for a broken hearted, 'cause this is the end of the rainbow, where no one can be too sad

sunrise avenue - hollywood hills ♫

i'll wait till the end of time for you

mads langer - you're not alone ♫

if i could, then i would

the calling - wherever you will go ♫

i can't take my mind off of you

damien rice - the blower's daughter ♥

all that i am, all that i ever was, is here in your perfect eyes, they are all i can see. i don't know where, confused about how as well, i just know that these things will never change for us at all

snow patrol - chasing cars ♥

confess to me every secret moment, every stolen promise you believe. confess to me all the lies between us, all that lies between you and me

the last goodnight - pictures of you ♥

you're all i've got right now. please take me anywhere but here.

mayday parade - anywhere but here ♥

how can the only thing that's killing me make me feel so alive?

parachute - she (for liz) ♥

is this really happening?

a day to remember - if it means a lot to you ♥

i can't help myself from looking for you

adele - set fire to the rain ♥

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