destroy what destroys you

everything that happens in life right now affects me. dreams. thoughts. music i listen to. things i see. things i do. things other people do. and it's not just in a good way.

last night i had a dream about us. it started out perfect, we were happy. but it got worse.
i think we were at a pub somewhere, surrounded by your friends, when a girl suddenly came up to you and told you she'd had a great time with you a few nights before that and that she wanted you to call her if you ever wanted to have fun again. and i didn't know what to do or how to react. you didn't even get the chance to say anything before i walked out of there. i didn't say anything to you. and you didn't follow me. we both knew by then that that was the end of you and me ..

and yes, i know that it was just a bad dream. but i cant stop thinking about it. and that's why 'im weird sometimes, because of things like that. i'm always afraid that it actually will happen. even if i know that you'd never do anything like that to me, or anyone.


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