i'm selfish. i want you to myself, i can't help it.

i'm so damn tired right now. i can't wait until i'm home in my lovely bed. it seriously feels like i could sleep fortwenty-four hours (and the people who know me knows that i really can do that), but nah, i need to get up and get ready for another night at work. but after that i'm off for a whole week until my schedule-from-hell starts. yay.

let me be your one and only

home after a powerwalk with sofie.
gonna eat something now and then we're going swimming.

i've found true, pure, honest love and i'm going to do my best to keep it. you mean more to me than sleep, and i LOVE sleep.

everything is finally booked for meeting my big love in london.
i couldnt be happier right now. today its only five weeks left.
FIVE WEEKS! yaaay. anna is happy.

all i know is, you are the person who never fails to make me smile

i really should be asleep right now. heh.

i'm not going anywhere

this ward has never been this nice and quiet when i've been working before. but i'm not complaining. i've even wiped the kitchen floors even though im not supposed to. heh. i'm gonna go for a round now and then i'm gonna sit down with some coffee and music on the balcony. yay.

keep your hopes up high and your head down low

now i'm gonna bring my mealbar to the tv-room and watch grey's anatomy. i just ordered some clothes for all the summer adventures (and three cd's). i know i really shouldnt, but i dont care. just fuck it. i do whatever i want to. :D

i'm scared because there's only one of you.

can't even remember the last time i was this tired. only sleeping until 11am is not a good idea when you're working nightshifts from 9pm - 7am. i even think i fell asleep on the sofa for like 40 mins. luckily i didn't miss any alarms or anything, because that would be really bad.

please let the remaining two hours pass quickly! i can't wait until i get to lie down in my B E D !!
and, give me my boyfriend too, because i really need him.

i wish i could say that i believe it, and that i'm not scared. but i can't.

i have a weird feeling. i don't know why or anything. i just know that i have this weird feeling that something bad is gonna happen. but let's hope not.

i think i love you a little bit more every day

a perfect start of the day - is to wake up next to the person you love
a perfect feeling - when you're happy and nothing can bring you down
a perfect breakfast - is breakfast in bed 
the perfect company - is the people you love
a perfect look – is cute and comfortable
a perfect makeup - is simple
a perfect environment - is in the sun, maybe in a park, with people you love and strawberries
a perfect kiss - makes your heart beat faster and slower at the same time
a perfect adventure is - just be spontaneous and everything will be an adventure

and i don't have any answers to these ones yet. heh.

a perfect thought is –  
a perfect insight is -
a perfect project is - 
a perfect hobby is – 
a perfect way to spread love -

i need my hero.

yay. another night without sleep.
now im gonna get dressed and go down to town.
im gonna visit sis at work and get my implant at the drugstore.

i have no fucking inspiration to do anything at all these days.
working and sleeping (when i feel for it) is all i do.
life couldnt really suck anymore right now. yay.

people say you don't know what you've got until it's gone. but truth is, you know what you had, you just thought you'd never lose it.

there's something missing.

tell me what you want to hear

i have secrets. lots of them.
and i want to tell you all of them. but i just can't.
forgive me?

where did i go wrong?

right now nothing makes sense. i've been staring into the wall since i got home. and that's almost three hours now. why? i don't know. i'm just thinking. about everything. i guess i just feel lonely. and when i feel lonely, i think. i'm also listening to music. music that right now makes me cry. it feels good to cry. i need it. sometimes i just want everything to be different. i don't know what i want. right now know nothing other than that i'm lonely. lonely and sad. yay.

would you catch me if i fall .. ?

you bring out a smile in me no one else can

"i'm so sad since you went away
alone is the last place i wanted to be"

i think it's amazing how everything can just turn around so quickly.
a few hours ago i was happier than ever,
and now i just feel empty.

you can make a bad day instantly better

home from another awesome night. thanks everyone. ♥
now it's boyfriend-time and after that a few episodes of grey's anatomy.

m; my heart is covered by your fingerprints

thanks for tonight everyone :*
it's been awesome

it's friday and i'm in love

last night was awesome. and i know that it's gonna be even more awesome tonight.
it's friday, we have perfect weather, i have the worlds best friends and the best boyfriend ever.
right now life really is perfect. :D

good morning sunshine

nightmares all night long. gotta love it.

love is better than life

i don't think i'll sleep tonight. i mean, it's already morning and i'm wide awake after my adventure (and latte) with jerker. and right now i'm making more coffee to be able to stay awake all day. i have an appointment at 11am and after that i have a meeting with my boss, and i don't wanna miss that. and i know that if i fall asleep any time soon there's no chance that i'll wake up in time. so stay awake it is. and coffee, lots of coffee.

michael gercken, i love you.

yesterday was the time of our lives

all this is just so hard for me. and nothing can do it better.
and i pretend i'm okay, but i'm really not ..

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